3 Steps to Achieve Team Buy-In

Little Black Desk Society - 3 Steps to Achieve Team Buy-In - How to get started in creating an "all-in" culture.

How to Achieve Team Buy-In


“What are some effective strategies to get your team “all-in” on your vision?”


Use these three steps to get started on achieving buy-in from your team.

1. Communicate Your Vision

For your team to buy-in to your vision, your vision needs to be very clear.

  • Where are you going?
  • Why are you going there?
  • How will you get there?

If you can’t answer these questions in three concise sentences then it will be difficult for your team to understand your vision and follow you.


Previously when I led approximately twenty team members, my vision was for them to move forward in their career (WHERE) so they could better support their dreams and families (WHY).  This was made possible by excelling in their role (HOW) so they could be eligible for promotions and/or receive performance pay increases.

2. Live Your Vision

Regardless of our age, a behavior is better caught than it is taught. Meaning in order for your team to believe in your vision and trust you, you have to lead by example.

Each and every choice you make in your business and for your team needs to align with and support your vision.

When you are a leader your choices are no longer yours alone. You have to be intentional because your choices impact your team and those around you.

For me, I am very decisive and like to get started. However, when you are responsible for others you have to pause and think about the impact and possible repercussions of your choices. This was a challenge for me and a lesson I learned the hard way multiple times.

3. Reinforce Your Vision

Reinforce your vision by acknowledging and celebrating team members who are living it. Thank them for their contributions. Recognize their hard work. 

Include your team in discussions for living your vision. What can they add to the process or journey? How can the process or journey be enhanced or refined? When your team actively creates and contributes to the process there is a greater attachment to the vision because they are now invested in it.

If you are facing pushback from team members who aren’t buying in, make time to talk with them privately.

  • Discuss whether the vision is important to them and why or why not.
  • Discuss their role in achieving the vision and what they are responsible for.
  • Discuss what happens if they don’t buy into the vision. This is the part where most leaders shy away because they are afraid of tough discussions or “confrontation”. However, I encourage you to reframe it. Having tough discussions is a service because you want them to do well and don’t want negative outcomes to be a surprise. This places the ball in their court to make the choices for the outcome they desire.

Finally for those team members who choose not to buy-in to the vision, remove them from the team. Forcing them to make it work only makes them, you, and fellow team members miserable. Instead, allow them to go somewhere where they do want to be ‘all-in” for a vision which they are passionate.

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