4 Common Ways Entrepreneurs Slow Their Growth

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Are You Frustrated and Wish You Were Further in Business?

A lot of us get frustrated because we are not seeing the business growth or results that we desire when we want them. I have been there. A lot of times the reason for slow growth is us. One of the questions I rely on to help remove my own obstacles is “What am I doing or not doing that is preventing the results and success I desire?”

Here are four questions to help you assess if you are the reason for slow growth.

Do you have too many things on your plate?

A lot of times because we are afraid of missing out (FOMO) we take advantage of every opportunity available to us that we “feel we need” to be successful. I am 100% positive there are courses, coaching, masterminds, webinars, books, templates you have not fully utilized. This bad habit and scarcity mindset (FOMO) leads us to feel overwhelmed. When we are overwhelmed we tend to not accomplish much of anything because we lose focus.

Instead vet the opportunities available to you through your company values, long-term business goals, and your financial budget. Having a system in place helps you make smarter decisions and protects your time. When you choose to take advantage of an opportunity not only is their a financial cost, but also an investment of time. The time necessary to fully utilize the opportunity through implementation and execution so we see a return on our investment.

Before you add another webinar or workshop, review this guide!

Are you participating?

We have good intentions when we purchase a tool to help us attain the results we desire. However, we do not schedule the time to fully utilize the resource or implement the lessons.

When we do not make time for implementing what we learn it doesn’t allow us to see whether something really works for our business or not. Most results take time through consistent effort over a period of months and years. If you are serious about seeing results, you have to schedule in the time and be disciplined enough to hold yourself to these appointments.

Are you meeting deadlines, procrastinating. or worse ghosting?

I see this as a business coach both with deadlines I hold for clients and deadlines that my clients hold for their customers. For any business person, it is hard for us to hold up our end of the delivery if the client is not providing the information needed.

Too many times I see these scenarios happen.

  • An entrepreneur is upset their website launch is not delivered on time. Yet, the entrepreneur was late providing copy for the website, late providing images, etc. It is unrealistic and selfish to think that the delivery will still happen with the previous delivery date when we delay the process.

TIP: If this is you, instead of holding the business to an unrealistic expectation be proactive and communicate when you can’t meet a deadline and when you will be able to meet it. Treating our peers with courtesy and respect is important to maintaining healthy business relationships. Relationships that encourage referrals and repeat business.

  • A bride-to-be is upset about her limited flexibility to make changes. Yet, she has delayed providing names of guests, has not responded to emails, and forgot to tell you vital piece of information for the order. I know many of you have been there trying to deliver and still make her happy.
If you are a business owner, there are ways to improve this. It includes reviewing your processes, consistent communication, and setting clear expectations upfront with your clients.

Are you engaging and providing feedback?

You cannot complain if you 1) have not tried and given it your all 2) had a conversation to improve the experience which includes your suggestions for making it better.  

It is easy to throw in the towel and give up because it is too hard or you do not like how it looks. It is also easy to blame someone else for your shortcomings. The hard part is owning your role in the situation. The hard part is providing constructive feedback that includes ideas for solutions.

Whenever you feel frustrated and impatient with the results you desire, refer back to the 4 questions above to remove obstacles that slow growth. Self-awareness is crucial to your growth and success as an entrepreneur.

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