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Please come in and have a seat. Would you like coffee, freshly squeezed juice or sparkling water as we begin?

Little Black Desk Society provides accountability for established owners of service-based businesses to help you excel in serving your clients, team, and community.


Accountability and support is offered via one-on-one business coaching, structured monthly Masterminds, and the Academy, a membership community for in-depth business conversations.


The women of Little Black Desk Society love what they do and strive for excellence in their work. They are fueled by their purpose to serve others well and make a difference in their homes, community, and industry.

Creating and refining processes as we grow together not only makes this possible but also enables us to raise the bar in the industry.


In a society that is more technology-dependent than ever, I understand the need for in-person support having moved to Chicago by myself in 2014. Thus I am passionate about creating and leading a strong supportive entrepreneurial community.


Relationships are a critical component of business and each element of Little Black Desk Society focuses on intentional connections.

  • Weekly Coaching calls
  • Monthly Masterminds with bimonthly check-in via video conferencing
  • Unrecorded Academy events for spontaneous live interactions


Since January 2015, Little Black Desk Society has served more than 1,000 women in over 20 communities across the United States.

My goal is to create opportunities where women, like you, are empowered to be more confident in your business because you have the tools, structure, and support you need. Confident to lead your clients, team, and community all while feeling less alone in your entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s Raise the Bar Together!



Melissa K. Jones

Chief Encouragement Officer & Founder

Loyal friend, type A, fiercely protective sister and aunt, football lover, quote hoarder, office supply nerd, avid reader, and passport stamp collector. Passionate about children’s literacy and civil rights. I live by these mantras: Love conquers fear EVERY TIME. Celebrate what You Appreciate.

Hello, I’m Melissa

I am a business coach and Mastermind facilitator focusing on people and processes.

As a results-oriented, ambitious entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience in leading teams to excel, I believe results trump intentions. I am a huge fan of accountability, reports, and spreadsheets.

My standards for business are high and I believe in leading by example. I don’t ask something of someone that I have not done nor will do myself. These standards are a result of being blessed with amazing mentors and being surrounded by ambitious, confident, smart women.

As an example, I share my monthly goals and results with Mastermind members. I show up daily in the Academy to lead conversations and comment on each person’s post. This may not be realistic for others, but it exemplifies the culture I want Little Black Desk Society to be known for.

Together we can raise the bar in entrepreneurship!

I am an avid reader of business, leadership, and sports psychology. I am inspired by greatness and enjoy figuring out how a best practice in one industry can be applied to another industry. If you are a subscriber to our weekly Best of Business email, you will recognize this as my “connecting the dots” feature.


*Note: In some of the features below, Little Black Desk Society may be referred to as Creative Chics, our previous name from 2015-2016.

Guest Posts


  • Trouvaille Workshop – May 2017
  • Fill My Cup Retreat – March 2017
  • Trouvaille Workshop – May 2016
  • Collegiately Creative Conference – Iowa State University – April 2016
  • Nashville Wedding Planners Retreat – February 2016
  • Go Blog Social – October 2015

Melissa thank you for being such an inspirational, kind and motivating women! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, advice and life experiences with attendees. So glad we could connect and have brunch on Sunday. I hope we can work together in the future on more creative projects.

DANIELLE DANIELLE Collegiately Creative | Iowa State University

Melissa of Little Black Desk Society taught our Work, Life, Balance Session, and Ohhhhhh em gee, did she teach!! She taught about organizing your personal life, your business, minimizing to make your life less complicated, choosing your friendships, relationships, Melissa partnerships and so much more! We ran 30 minutes over in her portion, but it was well worth it! Question, after question. Boy this was a good segment. Thank you, Melissa, or sharing with us in a fun, organic, and unapologetic way!

EBONY EBONY Fill My Cup Retreat


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