Lead by example to make a difference!

Regardless of your title, you have the ability to create an impact and influence those around you. 

Great leaders know the most effective way we can create impact is through our service to others.

The women of Little Black Desk Society are fueled by our purpose to lead and serve others well by making a difference with our business in our communities and industry.

We love what we do, who we serve, and strive for excellence in our work.

Little Black Desk Society offers multiple services depending on the type of leadership, accountability, and support you desire.

Services include one-on-one business coachingMasterminds, and the Academy, a membership community.

Select the Leadership You Want to Develop

Be the leader your business needs! Create processes to improve business performance so you can better serve.


Be the leader your peers need! Create accountability within an intimate group who meet twice a month.


Be the leader your industry needs! Create connections with women who are seeking deeper conversations.


The Story of Melissa K. Jones

Anyone can be a “boss”, but it takes a lot of work through self-improvement, professional development, and real-life application to learn how to serve your team, peers, and clients well. It is always an ongoing process, and I love learning how to help!!

Some of the most rewarding experiences of my life have included the growth and promotion of my team members and clients.

As a results-oriented, ambitious entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience (health insurance, real estate, retail) in leading teams to excel, I believe positive results trump empty intentions. This is supported by accountability, consistent communication, and nurturing relationships.

My standards are high because of the privilege we have to lead and the responsibility we have to our team, clients, and industry.

I believe in leading by example. I don’t ask something of someone I have not done nor will do myself. For example, I share my monthly goals and results with Mastermind members. I show up daily in the Academy to lead conversations and comment on member’s post.

These standards are a result of being blessed with amazing mentors and being surrounded by ambitious, confident, smart women.

Together we will create a legacy through leadership!

A Few Things About Me

  • Fiercely protective and older sister of 5, doting aunt of 2, and loyal friend
  • Professional football lover
  • Quote hoarder, office supply nerd, and organization queen
  • Love living life fully “when in Rome”
  • Passionate about children’s literacy and civil rights
  • I live by these mantras: Love conquers fear EVERY TIME. Celebrate what You Appreciate.

I am an avid reader of business, leadership, performance, and sports psychology. I am inspired by greatness and enjoy figuring out how a best practice in one industry can be applied to another industry. If you are a subscriber to our weekly Best of Business email, you will recognize this as my “connecting the dots” feature.

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