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Raising the Bar in Entrepreneurship


Why Create The Academy?

There is a gap in entrepreneurship between learning, execution, and achievement. We are here to change that by creating a new standard of service while striving for excellence in our business. With deeper conversations and meaningful relationships, we will raise the bar together!

The Academy is for women who are established entrepreneurs of service-based businesses seeking deeper conversations. We want to connect with women who are fueled by purpose and love the entrepreneurial journey!

Women like you who love the work, the process of learning, overcoming challenges, taking risks, and the joy of serving your customers and making them happy.

Women like you who are not only learners but ACHIEVERS!

Women who are active PARTICIPANTS instead of silent observers!

Women who are CONTRIBUTORS to the growth of her industry!

We Are Women Who Understand Your Struggle

We share stories and experiences about the pillars of small business to help you create a strong foundation and more. Conversations about (12+) topics including accounting, business development, marketing, and sales.

If you are looking for women who are ambitious, confident, determined, and kind, then you have arrived!

“The conversations that we have are thoughtful, and push us to have deeper conversations about the heart of what it takes to run a small business.”  – Karina M.M. 


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“Most recently I enjoyed the live chat on blogging where I was introduced to the idea of audio blogs and what great yet simple content they can be. I was able to create and upload an audio blog that week. I’ve since recorded coaching calls using Google voice for audio blogs. Far less intimidating than a podcast and had I not attended the live chat that day it would have taken me way too long to find this out! ” – Stephanie W.

Inside the Academy

  • Share your experiences and knowledge.
  • Connect with entrepreneurs who live near you for a coffee date or local event
  • Connect with women in your field.
  • Follow only the business topics which interest you.
  • Be the connection you desire from others! 

Premium Membership is $19.99/monthly or $199.99/yearly.


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