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Do you want your business to stand out from the crowd?

We are an intimate support network for women of established small businesses who desire a simpler approach to social media and value real connections. Through deeper conversations we are able to make better decisions about daily business operations and better lead those we serve.

  • Access to exclusive conversations, resources, and templates.
  • Raise the visibility of your brand by sharing your experiences and knowledge.
  • Shorten learning curves by asking questions and sharing best practices.
  • Curated feeds and limited notifications so you can pay attention to what matters most to you.

If you are looking for a membership community with lots of members, a continuous feed, and immediate responses you won’t find it here. The members of Little Black Desk Academy check-in 1-2x/week and the rest of the time they are working in their business.

We are here to be a resource and support system for you. Not something else to manage.

If you have questions or need help with your membership, I’m a quick DM away.

Apply to connect with women who lead by example. 

Monthly $29.99 | Annual $299.99

At the end of your 7-day free trial, select a membership cycle. Then enter your payment information. You may cancel at any time.


 We are LEADERS and don’t hesitate to start the conversation, send an invite, or make the first move!

We are CONTRIBUTORS because shared experiences and wisdom makes everyone in the industry better!

We are continuous learners and CONSISTENT IMPLEMENTORS. We find joy in our work, the process of learning, overcoming challenges, and taking risks. 

Together through deeper conversations, vetted resources, and live interaction we can raise the standards of small business. Standards that allow us to lead by example in our industries on how to serve our clients, teams, and business partners well.

Together we share experiences to strengthen our industries and make a positive lasting impact!


Connect offline locally or when traveling. Connect by profession to share best practices and tips to strengthen your industry. Focused productivity by following only the business topics which interest you. Receive feedback on a project. Find a resource to make your work easier. Showcase your business and personality by branding your profile.

Little Black Desk Academy - Connect offline locally or when traveling.
Connect Offline
Little Black Desk Academy - Receive Feedback
Ask for Feedback

Little Black Desk Academy - Connect by Profession
Connect by Profession
Little Black Desk Academy - Find a Resource
Find a Resource
Little Black Desk Academy - Focus on Your Interests
Focused Discussion
Little Black Desk Academy - Brand your Profile
Branded Profile

Most recently I enjoyed the live chat on blogging where I was introduced to the idea of audio blogs and what great yet simple content they can be. I was able to create and upload an audio blog that week. I’ve since recorded coaching calls using Google voice for audio blogs. Far less intimidating than a podcast and had I not attended the live chat that day it would have taken me way too long to find this out!

Stephanie Wagner | FoodCoachMe

Lead the way for raising the standards in your industry.


To cultivate and sustain a community of leaders in the Little Black Desk Academy, all applicants agree to meet the criteria below in order to join the Academy.

  1. You must be an established business owner, entrepreneur, founder, or CEO operating a business full-time for the past 3 years. You are not a freelancer or a direct sales consultant.
  2. You are willing to share your experiences, knowledge, and resources with candor and respect. Each member is expected to contribute to the Academy.
  3. You acknowledge leadership is more than a title. You look for opportunities to serve your peers, clients, and team. You are willing to be the first one in whatever capacity. You lead by example.

We are a community committed to transparency and building relationships. You are required to complete your bio and include a headshot within 24 hours to retain access. Lurkers and spammers will be promptly removed. We encourage our members to actively check in and contribute to the conversation weekly.

The conversations that we have are thoughtful, and push us to have deeper conversations about the heart of what it takes to run a small business.

Karina Mora-Metts | Fine Art Photographer
Little Black Desk Academy App - Mobile - Profile - Jennifer Mather (1)
Little Black Desk Academy App - Mobile - Profile - Karina Mora-Metts (1)
Little Black Desk Academy App - Mobile - Profile - Stephanie Wagner


Created by Melissa and our business partners!

Monthly $29.99 | Annual $299.99

Once your application has been accepted you will receive a 7-day free trial. At the end of your free trial, select a membership cycle. Then enter your payment information. You may cancel at any time.



How do I apply?
Please submit your membership application above. If our mission resonates with you or a woman you know, I encourage you to apply!
Why is an application required?
To maintain a vibrant and valuable community, an application is a required part of the process to discourage lurkers and spammers. To retain active status all members are encouraged to engage at a minimum of once per week.
How do I know if I’ve been accepted or not?
I review applications daily. To preserve the culture of the Academy, I reserve the right to deny or wait-list any application.

When considering new member applications I look for detailed and intentional responses, expertise in your respective industry, entrepreneurship, leadership, and a desire to build relationships online as demonstrated with social media conversations.

What is the membership fee?
Monthly billing is $29.99/month. Annual billing is $299.99 and valid for 12 months of membership.

Can I refer other women to join?
If you have a friend you want to refer to the Academy, please use the ‘Invite’ button in the member directory and have her include your name on her application as her referral.

I am grateful for your trust and honored to meet your friends who are striving to excel in business too!


What do I get with my membership?
Little Black Desk Academy offers multiple ways for you to connect to other members – both by location and by profession – and daily conversations to stimulate your learning and resources you need to excel in business.
What kind of business benefits will I receive?
Little Black Desk Academy partners with trusted and vetted businesses to bring you the best resources.
How do I recommend a membership reward?
If you are a member with a business and would like to be submitted for member reward consideration, please email

For additional suggestions, or to recommend someone who you have worked with and found to be exceptional, please email

How do I find my membership rewards?
Current rewards can be found in the Academy under the Rewards section.
Are the rewards only available to members?
Yes. Members are the only ones able to see them. Please do not share access or rewards with non-members. Members who violate this trust will be removed from the Academy.


Where do events take place?
Events are online and not recorded unless expressly stated. In an online world where we have multiple options available to access information at any time it is important to me for you to create connections within real-time. Most events will require video access so we may better see you.
What types of events are available to attend?
The Little Black Deks Academy creates intimate events to foster connections. These events include chats, interviews, live coaching, panel discussions, roundtables, and more.
Do events cost extra?
Events are typically free to members with the exception of Masterminds. However, some private groups may require you to opt-in to their email list prior to joining the event.


How do I create my profile?

Use your ‘Full Name’ Verify your ‘Location’ Select the ‘Profession’ that best describes your role from the drop down menu Upload a clear image for ‘Headshot’. Bonus: You may also add an image to your profile background for personal branding. Complete ‘About You’ Think of this as your brief social bio (140 characters) Add ‘Personal Links’ for social media and your website. Complete your ‘Introduction’. Use this to tell us a) how you can offer support (experience, knowledge, resources) b) what you hope to gain (assistance needed, projects in development, relationships) You may then choose what ‘Topics’ you want to follow and which ‘Groups’ to join.

Do I have to answer every question?
I realize it takes time. Your thoughtful answers allow you to better connect with women in the Academy and me. Your answers in your application and profile indicate how you will choose to show up to represent you and your business. I want you to get the most from your experience and shine bright!
Can I change my profile after I join?
Yes, your Academy profile can be updated online at any time. Directions: view profile>edit
How do I choose my profession?
Members are categorized by profession. Please select the profession that best encompasses the work you do. This will help other members find you to connect.
Do I have to choose a location?
Yes. Your location defaults to the location in which you subscribe. Please make sure your location reflects where you reside or work. This allows other members to find you and for you to receive recommendations for nearby members and events when you use the ‘Discover’ tab.


How do I connect with other members?
You have multiple ways to connect, including ‘Follow’ members, direct messaging, responding to comments and/or posts, sharing your experiences, member events, and connecting directly through their personal links.
Are there rules about replying?
As a professional courtesy to our members, we ask that you reply to any inbound messages within 7 business days. Great communication is the foundation of relationships and referrals.
What about solicitation?
Please use the ‘Market’ group to share your services or promotions. Members who solicit or market their services outside of the ‘Market’ group whether directly or indirectly in a post will have the post/comment removed. Repeated violations will result in termination of your membership.
How do I find other members?
You can find women by profession, location, and name using the search field. I hope you use this benefit to meet women locally for coffee or wine, collaborate, and more.
Are members only visible to other members?
Each week I feature selected member profiles on the Coffee Bar Blog. Monthly I recognize and feature our top 5 most active members in the Academy on the website as a thank you. As a whole members are only visible within the community.
Are non-members allowed in the community?
There is a 7-day free trial period for non-members. They must still complete the application the same as our members.


How does billing occur?
You will be billed upfront when you start your subscription membership. Your account will be automatically charged at the frequency (monthly/annually) you selected.
How do I contact customer service?
Please email for any questions about how to navigate and use the platform. You may also refer to the Quick Help section in the Academy. I am here to help you enjoy your experience!
May I cancel my membership?
Yes, you may cancel at anytime.

Should you decide to leave, I would love to know what I can do to better the experience in the Academy for future members. I welcome your constructive feedback I am sad to see you go, however know you are welcome to return at anytime.

How do I cancel my membership?
View profile, click on three dots, select ‘Account & Subscription’, select ‘permanently delete my account’

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