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I help you become more confident in business by refining processes, policies, and templates so your business performs better.

Your confidence and preparation will allow you to serve your clients, team, and business partners well.

Are you looking for a business coach who will help you with process improvements? An experienced professional who will review your existing business processes to find gaps you may overlook because you are busy and focused on servicing your clients.

    • Do you find that your clients are not responding timely to your requests for information?
    • Do you find that your customers are expecting more from you than you promised or are able to deliver?
    • Is your team operating at their fullest potential or merely checking boxes?
  • Do you feel that you are missing opportunities to serve your clients well and thus increase referrals?

I realize that regardless of your stage in business there are always opportunities to tweak or refine a process to make it work better for your business. Let’s improve your performance together! Here are a few examples of processes, policies, and templates I have refined and improved for small business owners.

Little Black Desk Society - Business Performance Coaching

Having worked 17 years in multiple industries for Fortune 500 companies allowed me to gain valuable experience in business development, customer service, leadership, operations, and sales. My diverse experience allows me to quickly identify areas of improvement in processes when leading teams, working with clients, and building relationships with vendors.

    • Are we asking clients the right questions so we can best serve them?
    • Are we creating processes and templates to help our team members do their jobs well and excel?
    • Do we have processes in place that allow us to provide a consistent level of service to each customer?
  • Are we collecting and tracking customer information so we are able to make educated decisions about our offerings?

Let’s get started today!



STEP 1: Schedule an initial 30-minute call so I can learn about

  • your business
  • your challenge with an existing business process
  • your ideal outcome

You are required to email me your existing process or outline and any supporting documentation prior to the initial call. This allows me to make the most use of our immediate time together.

STEP 2: After the initial call, I review your process and create a revised 1-page document for your process, policy, or template within 24 hours.

STEP 3: We will then schedule a follow-up 30-minute call exactly a week later to review the revisions and my recommendations to improve your process for you to achieve your ideal outcome.


(1) 30-minute initial call to understand your business and make immediate recommendations

(1 page) revised business document within 24 hours for you to start improving results

(1) 30-minute follow-up call to track your progress and provide additional feedback

PAY $550

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Get immediate feedback and start improving your results!

Little Black Desk Society - Immediate Process Feedback



STEP 1: We will schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call. This will allow me to get to know your business needs, challenges, and what your desired goals are from hiring a business coach.

STEP 2: Once we start, we will have a 30-minute phone consult once a week at the same time and day (Monday or Wednesday) for 90 days. During each call, we will discuss what went well the previous week, what challenges you encountered and how to address them, and review your homework assignments. At the end of each call, you will receive a copy of our call notes for you to review and reference.

STEP 3: During our time together you have the opportunity to have (6-12 pages) business process, policies, or templates reviewed and revised. Ideally, these documents will coordinate with your goals from our coaching sessions.

Note: Should you request additional coaching time or desire to have additional business documents reviewed, there will be an additional charge(s).


(1) 30-minute call per week for 90 days ongoing feedback and accountability

(6-12 pages) revised business policies for improving performance and results



“Since leaving my full-time job just over a year ago, I’ve made a lot of changes in my business but wanted help taking my business to the next level. This year was a huge year for my business and I knew that if I was going to continue to grow (and serve my clients well) that I needed help. I was happy to find Melissa through a fellow business owner and friend who could not stop bragging about working with Melissa and now I know why! Melissa helped me uplevel all the systems throughout my company. Having hired a new studio manager in the spring, I knew I needed help getting all our systems in place and Melissa was a total rockstar. She was able to lead me through creating and maintaining new processes and honing current ones, all while giving me advice on what steps to take next. Having a business coach like Melissa to lean on and learn from has been so incredibly beneficial! Looking forward to 2018 I feel much better equipped to handle an increased workload and serve clients better and more efficiently.” – Lauren Hansen, LunaBear Studios

“I hired Melissa with LBDS earlier this spring when my small business brought on its first full-time employee and second part-time employee. Melissa worked with me to implement processes and systems for training, employee management, and overall workflow management that have put me leaps and bounds beyond where I would have been on my own. Walking away from this experience, I have two employees that are trained in such a way that they are almost autonomous in their roles (rather than always waiting for me to delegate responsibilities to them), a company structure that makes sense and is efficient, and a strong start to a company handbook. I can’t say enough positive things about LBDS and will hire them again and again and again.” Malori Maeva | Case Study

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30 minutes to get to know you and your business and answer your questions about the coaching process.
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