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The business library is a resource created especially for you. It includes my favorite books for entrepreneurship and leadership. I recommend these books frequently to both coaching clients and Mastermind members who love them too.


Brand Brilliance

Written by Fiona Humberstone, this is a follow-up book to How to Style Your Brand. It provides additional insight, lessons, and branding examples.

Building A Story Brand (July 2018)

Donald Miller does a great job not only explaining, but walking you through the story arc one chapter at a time. He provides examples you can easily identify with as you create your brand’s story.

The key points that stood out for me include 1) You are not the hero, your customer is the hero. You are the guide. 2) The easier your message is to understand the fewer calories your client has to burn to understand your message. Complex messages are prone to confusion and potential customers leave.

How to Style Your Brand 

Written by Fiona Humberstone, this was my first resource for branding. Fiona goes into great detail about branding with questions and prompts throughout to help you discover your own unique style. Plus the design examples and photos are stunning!

This book is great whether you are bootstrapping your own design or hiring a professional designer. It provides foundational knowledge for design, color, fonts, etc. My copy is well loved and not available real-life loan. However, I recommend this book repeatedly to clients. It is a must for any business library!

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Dare to Lead (November 2018)

Leadershift (January 2019)

In a time when change happens so quickly both in society and business, reading John’s insights on how he has adapted over the years is encouraging and helpful. Being a goal-oriented person I enjoyed his wisdom on goal-oriented culture vs growth-oriented culture and how it impacts organizations. 
More people should read his discussion on growing from ‘pleasing people’ to ‘challenging people’.  It was a lesson I learned the hard way but never forgot. It’s not easy either.
I also enjoyed learning about his 10-80-10 method in regards to innovation and creativity. This is a great practice to implement. I really enjoyed the lessons and stories within the book and I highly recommend it to other leaders regardless of title.

People Over Profit

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Jeff Walker shares step-by-step instructions for how to launch an offering. This practice can be applied whether you are launching a product, service, or your annual course. Once you understand the framework and sequences of the launch you will start to recognize it elsewhere. His proven methodology is used in businesses around the world to generate income and grow. This is an excellent resource book for your business!

Millionaire Messenger  (October 2018)

Where was this book years ago? But as Brendon Burchard says “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” and thus I found this book. First, don’t be put off by the word “millionaire” in the title. This book’s focus is on service not on riches. However, if you are going to be able to serve people well and grow your audience you will need to make money.

Brendon addresses how to find your message, why your message is important, how to monetize your message, and how to serve your audience with excellence in the midst of “gurus”. The book is concise with actionable tips and you can finish in a weekend or less depending on your schedule. 

Rise of the Youpreneur (August 2018)

Personal branding is not new to me, however, it has been challenging for me to wrap my mind around the extent to which it is now needed as an entrepreneur. Specifically branding “me” as the expert versus the “brand” as the expert. 

Chris Ducker does a great job of providing details and step-by-step instructions on how to position “you” as the expert. In addition, he shares excellent case studies as examples of how entrepreneurs have scaled their businesses. Regardless of your stage in business, there is something for everyone in this book.

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High Performance Habits (September 2018)

I love this book!! Easily my favorite book of the year. Brendon Burchard goes into detail about the common habits of high performers he studied over the years. His proven research and real-life examples provide great insight on how we sabotage ourselves and what it takes to excel. Regardless of your profession or chapter in life, this book will add value.

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Find Your Extraordinary

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Note: These are books I have read. I am Amazon affiliate and may receive compensation for referrals. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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