“Stay In the Know” with Best of Business Newsletter

You have content overload and little time. However, you know how important it is to “stay in the know” about current business topics and news.

Let me be your wing woman! I want you to “stay in the know” so you can plan ahead or pivot as needed for your business.

Each week on Tuesday at 9 am CST, I share my favorite business articles or resources I read over the past 7 days. Topics may include Business Development, Leadership, Marketing, or Self Care.

Featured resources are summarized with bullet points for quick reading and a link to the original source for reference or further learning.

Thanks Melissa ❤️ love your emails! Such great articles and advice always 🙂 .

Megan H.

Loved this one! And your “connect the dots” sections are A. Adorable B. eye-catching so I focus on that and actually thinking about connecting the dots!

 Latasha D.

I’m a weekly reader and fan of your newsletter. I always enjoy reading the articles that you select. Thank you so much for your time and efforts! 

Emily C.

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