Defining Culture and Performance for Floral Design Team

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Name: Malori Maeva

Business Name: Form Floral




Maloria is owner and lead designer for Form Floral in Phoenix, Arizona. She started creating floral arrangements in 2013. Over the past 5 years, Malori and her floral design team designed floral arrangements for hundreds of events and weddings in Arizona, Illinois, and New York.

When Malori came to Melissa for coaching she wanted help creating job descriptions, employee training, and expanding her operations manual.

Establishing Systems

The first thing we did was define the roles of Seasonal Account Manager and Assistant Floral Designer for her team. Defining the role and responsibilities of each team members helps them know how they contribute to the business. The job descriptions also set the tone for performance expectations so they can succeed.

Second, we created a system for tracking the details of leads and clients. This system allowed Malori to better understand the source of her sales, average sales price per client, and make strategic decisions for improved profit margins.

3 Things to Improve Performance

  1. Clearly define the roles of each team member. Providing Malori with a template and working with her to complete the job descriptions for each role enables her to repeat this process as her business grows and evolves.
  2. Create a system for client relationship management. This allows you to make better decisions on where to spend your marketing dollars, which services to promote, and where to refine pricing based on client demand and need.
  3. Create a process for tracking your cost of materials per project. This allows you to budget your expenses and better forecast your profit. When you have team members who understand the process and adhere to it, then you are able to run a more cost-efficient business.
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Most Valuable Process

Creating a process to define the cost of all offerings to determine profit margins. Once profit margins were determined it then allowed Malori to determine which offerings to keep, remove, and refine.

Here’s what Malori had to say about being a Little Black Desk Society coaching client:

“Go in with a super open mind. Don’t go in if you are sensitive about not being right. Have an open mind and heart. Be willing to try and open to experimentation.”

“I loved that this was the Malori show and I got answers to specific questions. Group coaching is great for 101 and business fundamentals, but many times those questions are not relevant when you are further in business. With 1:1 Coaching you can address a hyper-specific problem and it doesn’t feel like you are taking away from someone else

I never felt judged and Melissa met me where I was and gave me actionable advice. She created a safe space where I could share behind the scenes challenges so I could get feedback, fix the challenges, and move forward.”

Her advice for other women business owners: “Don’t sign up if you won’t make the time for it. You have to make it a priority to show up and do the homework to see the results.

Defining Culture and Performance for Floral Design Team - Case Study - Little Black Desk Society - Phoenix - Chicago

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