Help! How Can I Get More Sales Leads?

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Guest contributor: Maria Bayer

Today’s question is a common one, and one that most business owners face:

“I’m not getting as many inquiries as I used to. What am I doing wrong, and what can I do about it?”

While this may be a common problem, there’s a solution that is sitting right under your nose. Most people miss one of the easiest ways to get more sales: their existing network.

All of us have a network of friends, family, colleagues, vendors, ‘friendors’, and most importantly – past clients – who are an excellent source of business. In fact, do you know who the easiest people in the world are to sell?

You guessed it – past clients. Why? Because you’ve already done all of the heavy lifting. They trust you, and that’s worth it’s weight in gold. Consider how long it takes to build trust with someone you don’t know, and you’ll quickly realize that you have a gold mine sitting right under your nose.  

And here’s the best part: they want to buy from you!


  1. Write down all of the products and services that you could potentially sell to your past clients.
  2. Then write a letter to each and every one of them reminding them about your services, and if they or anyone they know is in need of them, it would be your pleasure to help them.

Sales is a numbers game. Every time I give this suggestion to a client, they makes sales!

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Note: Maria and many of her students were Mastermind members. The results of Maria’s students has allowed her to flourish across the wedding industry!

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