How Does A Business Respond to Bad Reviews


Question: Business Respond to Bad Reviews

How does a business respond to bad reviews so they can still bring in more business?


Any business regardless of how good they are will have bad reviews. There are two guarantees.

  • Not everyone will like your service or product.
  • You can’t make everyone happy.

The key is how you choose to respond to bad reviews. When you have bad reviews online you want to respond online.

When clients complain they want to be heard and are giving you an opportunity to make it right. It may seem like it is too late to make it right if the transaction is completed, but it isn’t.

Thank them for bringing it to your attention. Acknowledge what went wrong and what you are doing to prevent the situation from recurring. If it requires an additional conversation to gather more details, then request to connect with them via email or phone.

If you choose to not respond to a bad review, this is still considered a response. Future possible clients are reading the reviews and if they see no response then they assume you don’t care, even if you do.

Once you have resolved the problem with the client and found a solution, how can you prevent it from recurring? What internal process needs to be created or refined? Many client complaints are opportunities for us to improve our business internally (processes) and externally (service/product).

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