5 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It

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How to Stay Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It


Many of us struggle staying motivated and we look to external solutions. Your strongest motivation comes from within. Here are several practices I rely on and developed over the years.


  1. JUST START: I find starting on a project is half the battle. Once I start then I find my momentum and want to continue working until I finish the task or meet my goal. 
  2. QUICK WINS: What can you do that will allow you to see an immediate result? Small wins contribute to your momentum and can help keep you moving forward. 
  3. KNOW YOUR PEAKS: I know what kind of work I need to do when I am at my best mentally and physically. I also know what the work I can do when I am winding down for the day or feeling sluggish. Knowing what you can accomplish during the peaks and valleys will allow you to remain productive and move forward towards your goals. 
  4. DISMISS FEELINGS: Feelings are misleading. They come and go which is why it is best not to let your life be dictated by how you are feeling at the moment. Feeling unmotivated can quickly be replaced by the feeling of satisfaction from completing a task or achieving a goal. Which end of the spectrum would you rather spend your time? 
  5. RESULTS: What will you miss out on if you don’t start today? What result will be delayed because you procrastinated or overanalyzed? What opportunity could you miss because you weren’t prepared?


Motivation is a personal choice. How will you choose to respond?


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