What Does Your Ideal Business Support Group Look Like?

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One of the biggest challenges in entrepreneurship is finding someone who not only understands you, but also challenges your growth.  Someone you can relate to and understands the stress of building a business.

Family and close friends mean well, but they are not in the thick of building a business. They are not the ones losing sleep or stressing about the next sale. They are not responsible for making financial, marketing, operations, and customer decisions. Even when you have a team the key decisions start and end with you. You are responsible and it takes a lot of mental and emotional energy.




You may find a group of industry friends you meet with regularly, but what is the goal of your conversations?  How do you feel when you leave these conversations?

  • Does the venting leave you feeling drained?
  • When you have a challenge are conversations solution oriented?
  • Is it a struggle to get everyone to show up and participate?
  • Does gossip leave you feeling icky and unproductive?
  • Are you able to open up and let your guard down to get real support?
  • Do you feel you have to hold back because someone might take your idea?
  • Are you worried someone may judge you?
  • Do you feel comfortable to have hard conversations?

When I moved to Chicago 4 years ago by myself to start this business I never anticipated how lonely entrepreneurship could be.

I knew leaving my team and colleagues I would not have a cubicle wall to talk over anymore. I couldn’t walk down the hall and chat with a mentor or close friend anymore to bounce ideas and get feedback. 

These basic changes to my support system led me to start a local meeting in Chicago with creative entrepreneurs in January 2015.


Since then I have met women across the country online in the Academy and in person through Masterminds who like you have ambitious dreams. We want to use our unique skills to help others and make a difference. Yet at the same time we know we can’t do it alone.

We need a group of women who can provide constructive feedback whether it is on our website, service packages, marketing strategies, customer challenges, etc. We want a group of women who we trust and who will hold us accountable to our goals and ambitious dreams.

How would you describe your ideal support group? 

Let me know, I want to hear from you.

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