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Sharing our best practices with each other enables every woman to raise the standards in her business through…


Raising the standards in our business enables us to excel at serving our clients, teams, and business partners.

How do you know what’s the best process for your business?

  • How do you save time learning something new?
  • What are tried and true resources other women are using successfully?
  • How do you make it easier to delegate work to your team?
  • How do you help transition clients with you as your business grows?
  • How do you get client feedback to grow your business?
  • How do you find out what went wrong and where?
Listen as Karina shares her challenge with opening up and asking questions. Something that many of us struggle with.

The way we choose to do something can either slow us down or propel us forward.

“I’ve been in a few mastermind groups, and I love two things about LBDS: the women, and the structure. LBDS members are unfailingly wonderful, empathetic, crazy smart, driven, thoughtful human beings and it’s such a relief to have hard, meaningful, complicated conversations when that’s who you’re having them with.”
 – Sam | Wag + Gem


Share your experiences, knowledge, and resources to lead in your niche.


Taking time to reflect each month allows you to identify areas to improve.


Track your progress and results using our custom monthly reporting sheets.


Each woman expects the best of you and we hold each other accountable.

Regardless of where you live, you can participate in a Mastermind

Little Black Desk Society - Operations Mastermind Membership - Who is in your entrepreneur circle? Our virtual mastermind group provides accountability, structure and support to move your business forward. Join us!

Whether you live in a city (like me), in the suburbs, a small college town, or the middle of nowhere (where I grew up) you are able to connect with women like you weekly. Women who want to build a business, serve well by leading, and leave a legacy.

2019 Mastermind Enrollment Opens Monday, November 26th!

What members are saying about LBDS Masterminds

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Mastermind FAQ


How can I renew my membership?
As an alumnus, you receive priority access. You may renew your membership starting as early as (2) weeks prior to open enrollment.
I missed the enrollment deadline, may I still register?
No. We are only able to accept applications during the semi-annual open enrollment periods.

2019 – January – June Membership | Enrollment opens November 26, 2018 2019 – July – December Membership | Enrollment opens June 1st


How many members are in a Mastermind group?
The groups max out at 8. Creating small groups allows for more intimate conversations. It also means you get to have more time in each meeting to share your challenge and get feedback.
Who are the typical Mastermind members?
Members include women who run established businesses full-time. The format of our Masterminds is not ideal for freelancers and MLM. Previous members include: Business Coaches, Caterers, Content Writers, Event Designers, Floral Designers, Graphic Designer, Interior Designers, Lawyer, Makeup Artists, Owner of Modeling Agency, Photographers, Realtors, Social Media Consultants, Stationers, Website Developers, Wedding Planner, Wellness Coaches, and more.
What cities do you serve?
Members are from across the United States and include cities such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Lexington, Miami, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Portland, St Louis, Tulsa, and more.
When are Mastermind meetings hosted?
Meetings are the 1st Tuesday of each month with a bi-monthly check-in on the 3rd Tuesday. The exact time of day TBD.
How are Mastermind meetings hosted?
Meetings are hosted via Zoom, video-conferencing, so we are able to see each other.
Do you have local Mastermind groups?
Unfortunately not at this time. I transitioned all Masterminds to virtual in 2018 so I could create an experience that is consistent between groups. However, if you know several women in your local community who desire support and accountability I would be happy to discuss creating a local Mastermind.
I am not able to attend one of the dates scheduled for the mastermind. Am I able to prorate the membership?
No. The cost of membership is for the collective access to your curated group of women and community resources.
Am I able to sell or transfer my membership to someone else?
No. Due to the privacy and nature of topics discussed it is important that we protect the integrity of the Masterminds within the membership. Each member also signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement with their respective Mastermind group.


I want to participate. Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes, there is a payment plan. You will be required to make an initial deposit. The remaining balance will be split into equal monthly recurring payments.
Can I register with alumni or a new member to take advantage of the 'With Friend' payment option?
Yes. When you fill out your application, both of you must include each other’s full name under the referral question (page 1).
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