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Be the leader your peers need! It’s no secret that entrepreneurs who participate in Masterminds are more likely to succeed, grow, and build stronger relationships with peers.

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As an established entrepreneur with a service-based business, you are ambitious and smart with a big vision to help others. You have the determination and patience which is how you have made it this far. However, you are looking for something extra….

You are looking for a group of women on your level or slightly above who will challenge you. A group of women who will hold you accountable, be your sounding board, and provide guidance so you can up your game in business.

Most of us desire a peer we can trust, who understands us, and will call us up because they believe we can do better!


For the past 4 years, I have had the privilege of leading Masterminds and helping women like you move forward in their business. During your membership, my role is to hold you accountable to your goals and challenge your growth through questions, information, and shared experiences. My goal is for you to grow as an entrepreneur and achieve the results you desire.

During the Mastermind meetings, each woman has the opportunity to share and receive feedback. We all have something of value to offer. There are many variables in business and no perfect solution. Listening to each woman allows you to create a solution that works best for your business.

Many times our best ideas come from listening to the conversation between women at the table. The best part of being in a curated Mastermind is the collaborative energy.

My 17 years of leadership experience helps me understand different personalities and pull the best from each woman in the Mastermind. I lead by example, sharing my experiences, goals, and progress with you along the way. We are on this journey together!

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Past Members Include

Business Coach | Caterer | Content Writer | Event Designer | Fashion Stylist | Floral Designer | Graphic Designer | Lawyer | Makeup Artist | Owner of Modeling Agency | Photographer | Realtor | Sales Coach | Social Media Consultant | Stationer | Wardrobe Consultant | Website Developer | Wedding Planner| Wellness Coach…and more


  • 2 Planning Sessions led quarterly to help you set achievable goals.
  • 6 Mastermind Meetings led monthly by Melissa and facilitated to give you the opportunity to share your achievements and receive input on your projects as you work to achieve your quarterly business goals.
  • 6 Bi-monthly Meetings to provide guidance when you are feeling stuck between Masterminds and keep you focused.
  • Monthly Business Reviews to help you make strategic decisions about your business. Included questions hold you accountable to your goals and tools track your results as you grow.
  • Private Group with complimentary Academy access for you to stay connected, receive feedback and share between meetings.


I gain so much from my Mastermind and my business growth shows. I have clarity on where I’m going, how to track my metrics and LOVE that Melissa and her team find the “need to know” articles for me on trends on social media and small businesses…it saves me amazing amounts of time. Your business needs this!

– Steph | FoodCoach Me

Another benefit of the masterminds is that I have been able to soak up the conversations traded back and forth and have received an unexpected education regarding structuring my day, productivity, and the use of surveys, to just name a few. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that just because you are a solo entrepreneur, doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself.

– Laura | Heart Splash

When running a business, it’s difficult to stay focused and determined when there are several moving parts, and LBD helped to ask the question “What is most important and HOW are you going to accomplish that and what feedback do you want from other business owners on your direction/ideas/specific project/etc.?”…Many times I had an idea, for example, that I wanted to implement, but after getting the chance to present it at a detailed level to the group, realized it wasn’t such a good idea for reasons I hadn’t even thought of!

– Kim | Howard Homes Chicago

I have met and created strong, supportive relationships with business owners all over the US. It is a community of like-minded woman looking to share encouragement, information, and motivation with one and other!

– Ariel | North Detail 

 I’ve been in a few mastermind groups, and I love two things about LBDS: the women, and the structure. LBDS members are unfailingly wonderful, empathetic, crazy smart, driven, thoughtful human beings and it’s such a relief to have hard, meaningful, complicated conversations when that’s who you’re having them with.

– Sam | Wag + Gem


STEP 1: Complete the WAITLIST application form. Membership preference is given to active Academy members.

STEP 2: When enrollment opens late November/early December, you will be notified to submit payment to secure your seat.

STEP 3: Once enrollment closes, you will receive a non-disclosure to sign that is between you and the women in your Mastermind.

For additional questions about membership, visit our FAQ page.


  • You receive your 2019 Membership Welcome Guide.
  • Schedule a Welcome call with Mastermind facilitator and founder, Melissa before December 31, 2018
  • Sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Attend 2019 Quarterly Goal Planning Session
  • Complete your Monthly Business Review
  • Added to Private Group in Little Black Desk Academy
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