Motivating Team with Multiple Personalities

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“What are the best ways to motivate team members with very different personalities?”


As you have most likely figured out each team member is motivated by different things. Motivation can be influenced by their personality and chapter in life. Some will be motivated by public recognition and others by private praise. Some will be motivated by money and others by power (role with additional responsibilities).

The key is getting to know your team members through one-on-one meetings and asking them directly what motivates them. We all want to be seen, heard, and appreciated. How can you do it in a tangible way?

When you find out what motivates or drives each team member you don’t have to do 5-10 different things. However, knowing what motivates each person helps enhance your tool belt and use this knowledge when needed.

Motivating your team doesn’t need to cost a lot of money either. The things that mean the most are intentional, personable, and thoughtful. This requires you building relationships with your team members.

Here are some examples:

  • Sending an email or handwritten note after completing a project well. I believe in celebrating what you appreciate. When people get a positive reaction for something they tend to repeat it.
    EXAMPLE: Pictured below are small personalized treats made for my team.
  • Giving them an additional break during a really stressful day.
    EXAMPLE: When I worked in a call center I would give my team a time-out card. It allowed them to get off the phones and regroup after an extremely stressful call. The cards were limited so they had to be selective in when they used them, but it put the power in their hands.
  • Allow a seasoned and high performing team member to mentor a new team member. It allows them to strengthen their leadership, builds team camaraderie, and shows that you value them and their contributions.
  • Allow team members to take turns in presenting projects or information in team meetings. It gives them the opportunity to shine and everyone to learn from each other.

You will have some introverts who won’t feel comfortable in some of these situations so test it out with baby steps. I have found that most team members need a boost of confidence (our faith in them) and being allowed space to fail so they can grow.

You can also do everything to motivate your team member, but at the end of the day motivation comes from within. They have to want to be there, contribute to the team, and develop their skills.

Your role is to help them be the best version of themselves so when they leave they are prepared for the next chapter. That is your legacy!

Book Recommendation: The Power of Positive Leadership by Jon Gordon

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