Guide: Client Strategy


You ask your clients many questions during the relationship. How can you use their answers to improve your client strategy? I share the 3 ways to use your clients’ answers to better serve them.

  • Provides tips for when and why to gather client answers.
  • Provides a list of what questions and answers you can use when developing your strategy.
  • Provides prompts for how to use client answers in developing and refining your strategies!


Use this 4-page guide to get started today!


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What does the Client Strategy guide include?

This guide includes the 4 steps to creating a new strategy using your clients’ answers. It shares when to collect the answers and why they are important, what type of answers work best, and how to use your clients’ answers to create a strategy. Strategies for 3 different parts of your business that ultimately allow you to better serve your clients.

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