Workbook: Operations Manual


Why do businesses have operations manuals? Because manuals define the standard of work you create and deliver as a company.

  • Helping you deliver quality work consistently to your clients.
  • Helping your team members excel in their roles because they understand how to execute their responsibilities.
  • Helping you create boundaries in your relationships with clients, employees, and vendors for success and growth.


Use this 9-page workbook to get started today!


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What does the Operations Manual workbook include?

Workbook includes examples and best practices to help you create the foundation for your business.

  • Create the Foundation – How to setup and organize your operations manual
  • Which Document is Best – Type of documents included
  • Create a Policy – Includes prompts, example, and best practices
  • Create a Process – Includes prompts, example, and best practices
  • Create a Template – Includes prompts, example, and best practices

If you already started your operations manual, this workbook is helpful for refining it and making sure you have all the pieces in place.


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