Small Business Solutions: 15-Minutes

Small Business Solutions: 15-Minute  You know what you want to achieve, but feel stuck. You need clarity and feedback. Use one of these 15-minute small business solutions to gain momentum!

Have you ever wanted to bounce an idea or challenge off another business owner instead of a friend? A business owner who has experienced what you are going through and can offer insight, feedback, direction, or small business hacks.

Last summer, I met with Ashley for lunch. The lunch was short because we were between meetings, but the time together talking through challenges provided the insight and clarity I needed for a decision.

There are times when we don’t need ongoing support, but we want a small business hack or solid feedback from an experienced entrepreneur. We need someone to guide us so we can make the right decisions for our business. I’ve been there and I’m sure you have too.

The Gain Momentum call was created specifically for you to provide 15-minute solutions!

You know what you want to achieve, but feel stuck. You need a push, clarity, or someone to help you connect the dots.

With the Gain Momentum call, we work together to find a solution by identifying the next step for you to take in your business.

To get started, select one of the topics for your 15-minute Gain Momentum call. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation with a link to schedule your call.

NOTE: Each month, I feature specific topics under leadership and operations. The featured topics are limited in availability and can be purchased at a special rate.

Gain Momentum Calls with Small Business Solutions



  • CANDID CONVERSATIONS – Helping you navigate difficult situations with empathy.
    How do you start the conversation? How do you maintain the relationship? How do you find a resolution? Let’s create an outline to help you lead the conversation.
    Helping you transition from one phase to the next phase.
    Are you implementing a new process in your business this year? Are your prices increasing? Are you switching platforms or apps? How will you share this transition with those who are depending on you?
  • ONBOARDING NEW TEAM MEMBERS – Helping you get your new team members started on the right foot.
    What plan do you have in place to get your team members acquainted with your company’s processes and culture? Let’s create action steps together to make sure your bases are covered.


  • EFFECTIVE CLIENT SURVEYS – Helping you improve your client’s experience with the right questions.
    Do you wonder what went well? What you could have done better? Let’s create an opportunity for your clients to give you feedback.
  • OFFBOARDING CLIENTS – Helping you move into the next phase of the relationship.
    Your last interactions are how your clients remember you. How can you make the transition smooth? Do you plan on staying in contact? How will you get their feedback?

NOTE: Special February Momentum Call pricing is only available to 02/28/19 and appointments must be scheduled before 03/30/19.



  • CULTIVATING AN ONLINE COMMUNITY – Helping you strengthen your online community.
    The word “community” is thrown around loosely, What does it mean to you? Why is it important to your business? What kind of community are you trying to build? What is the purpose of your community? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you get started before we discuss how to improve your online community.
  • IMPROVING TEAM PERFORMANCE – Helping you move your team to the next level.
    Who is on your team? What are their roles and how do they contribute to the success of your business? What would you like to see them doing and moving towards in their work? Let’s create action steps together for your team.


  • BUILDING AN OPERATIONS MANUAL – Helping you strengthen your business processes.
    Do you have a master resource for how and why projects and tasks are completed in a way specific to your business? Are you able to delegate with ease so team members can work autonomously? Do your team members have a resource to rely on for instructions and templates? Let’s create action steps to strengthen your systems and processes.
  • CREATING A REFERRAL PROGRAM – Helping you increase word-of-mouth referrals.
    Your best source of leads and new clients are through referrals. What are you doing to encourage referrals? Do you have a system or process in place? What does it include? Let’s create action steps to get more people talking about you and your business.


  • MAKE YOUR GOALS ACHIEVABLE – Helping you figure out how to break your goals into steps to take action.
    You set your goal, but you hesitate when getting started. How can you break it down into manageable projects and tasks? Goals are rarely achieved in 2-steps, but instead, take many steps, What are those steps? Let’s define those action steps together!
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Gain Momentum Calls Include 15-Minute Solutions



15-minute telephone call to discuss solutions and action to take.

NOTE: The more thorough and detailed you are when completing your questionnaire the better I can help you during the call.


A recap of our discussion with action steps so you can get started.

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