Stay Positive: 5 Simple Habits for Entrepreneurs

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Stay Positive: 5 Simple Habits for Entrepreneurs

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“What do you do when you have a bad day? You always seem so positive.”



It is hard for me to recall bad days primarily because I view events as moments. Just because something happened in the morning doesn’t mean it needs to ruin my afternoon. It is normal to feel frustrated or annoyed, but don’t let it rob you of your day. Here are a couple habits I have for staying positive when you want to throw your hands in the air or your computer out the window.



In business, I generally do not have time to dwell on the problem. My team or customers are depending on me and they have their own challenges. I focus on finding a solution and implementing it. When I am focused on the solution then my energy is redirected to create something positive.




When we focus on the obstacle, the problem, or the person being the Negative Nellie we only encourage it. Every situation both good and bad is fueled by our attention. Attention is like oxygen to a fire and it makes things bigger. When you stop overanalyzing and obsessing over the problem it is not as big and easier to solve.



Too many times we allow our emotions to get the best of us and blind us. I believe we always have a choice in how we respond to what happens to us. Our response is what impacts where we end up today, tomorrow, and years down the road. Does this situation require a response from you? Will it even matter next month? Knowing where to spend our energy saves us a lot of unnecessary stress and grief.



Complaining doesn’t help me move forward. Yes, it is nice to have someone that can commiserate with me, but again how does it help anyone get better? To clarify, there is a difference between complaining for the sake of complaining and presenting a problem with viable solutions to discuss.

Do I vent when I am frustrated? For sure, but it is to one or two people who are outside the problem and who I trust. They listen and/or provide me constructive feedback on how to reframe the challenge. Again this is being mindful of the energy I exert and create.



As a leader, I am responsible for setting the tone of those around me. Whether it is in a professional setting or with loved ones. People feed off each other. When I choose to look for the positive and/or lesson in the challenge then it shows my team how to respond to challenges. If I am complaining or dismissive then they will typically follow suit. Maintaining a positive “can do” attitude is so important not only for your own success but also for those watching you.


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