Stronger Team vs Weaker Team


Question: Stronger Team vs Weaker Team

When presented with the opportunity of joining or collaborating with a stronger team vs weaker team, which one would you join and why?


Strong vs weak is your perception. Someone else could look at the teams differently based on their experience. Both are opportunities for you to grow. The answer depends on what you are looking to learn.

  1. If you join the stronger team, you have the opportunity to learn from your competitors. There is a greater chance you will learn from a place of observation. Observing their best practices for execution and delivery.
  2. If you join the weaker team, you have the opportunity to learn how to pull the strengths of each team member and grow together. There is a greater tendency here for you to learn from engagement and execution. You will be more likely to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in doing the work side-by-side.

At this point in your journey, what skill sets do you need to strengthen or learn most? Which team will provide the best environment for learning and challenge you to grow?

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