3 Types of Client Feedback

Getting client feedback is crucial to the growth of your business. Feedback allows you to understand what is working well and what needs to change. There are multiple types of feedback but I am going ...

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How to Host Productive Meetings

Do you feel like meetings eat up most of your time? It is hard to host productive meetings when there is no clear agenda, everyone is invited, and conversations turn into tangents. Follow these 5 ...

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Creating Habits for Your Ideal Day

Creating Habits for Your Ideal Day How do I stay on top of it all? By creating habits. Positive habits and routines help me be more productive, accomplish my goals, and live my ideal life. Routines ...

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3 Steps to Achieve Team Buy-In

Each Wednesday I answer your business questions.  It gives you an opportunity to ask a quick question and get to know me better.  📲 15 Second Coaching Occasionally, I will select one of your questions ...

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