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I have been in a serious business relationship with Canva since August 2016. Their interface was easy for me to learn. Plus, Canva had a large library of templates already sized to the specifications needed for visual presentations (digital and print).

I chose the Canva for Work edition because it gave me the added functionality of unlimited folders, storage for photos, custom fonts and color palettes for branding, and more. This allowed me to create visually cohesive graphics and documents. It was perfect for me while in the beginning stages of building a business. I loved Canva and regularly shared it with clients and Academy members.

Little Black Desk Society - Example of Canva Dashboard

Transition to Visme

Now heading into my 5th year of business as a B2B service provider, my design needs are now different. I need a platform with advanced functionality to create more polished designs for infographics, presentations, ebooks, and more.

Last summer Visme* reached out to me after a Twitter conversation to introduce their product. I explored it briefly and created several projects including detailed infographics, but wasn’t pulled immediately because of the learning curve. I had other projects on my plate and I didn’t make the time to explore it even though the possibilities looked amazing!

Little Black Desk Society - Example Visme Dashboard

December 2018 I needed to create a presentation and went back to Visme to create what I needed. In the past month I have started to explore and create new projects including a guide, graphics for the Edit Your Digital Office challenge, and templates.

I like that Visme allows me to create blocks of content or graphics and save them for future use. This saves time when you are duplicating a design block within a project or want to keep design consistency in multiple projects.

If you are dependent on having a large library of templates and a mobile app for on-the-go editing then I recommend Canva. However, if you are looking for a design app to help you create graphics and documents with advanced features and functionality then I recommend Visme.

Features I’m looking forward to exploring and creating documents with in 2019 include: Flowcharts, Infographics with Scrolling Effects, Animated Presentations, etc.

Have questions? I’m happy to share my experience with both design apps.

Have you explored Visme*?

*I am a Visme affiliate and waited to share my review until I implemented it in my own business. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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