50 Virtual Assistant Tasks To Delegate as a Small Business

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50 Tasks You Can Delegate as a Small Business

You know you need help in the form of a virtual assistant, but don’t know what tasks to delegate or where to start. As a small business coach for systems and processes and former manager within Fortune 500 companies, I learned that I cannot do it all and do it all well. I had to create systems and processes that allowed me to delegate and trust others to successfully complete the task(s).

To help you get started here is a list of tasks which can be delegated to a virtual assistant, part-time employee or in some cases hire a specialty consultant.


  • Organize receipts
  • Reconcile accounts payable (expenses)/receivable (income)
  • Create invoices
  • Send invoices
  • Send payment reminders
  • Send payment receipts and thank you
  • Record payments
  • Create purchase orders;
  • Make purchases

*You may also consider hiring a bookkeeper or CPA on retainer for some of these tasks. The Academy‘s Finance Friday group has additional resources.

Business Development

  • Research collaboration opportunities**

    • Identify opportunities that are best fit
    • Create pitch
    • Send pitch
    • Follow up pitch
  • Research networking events

    • Make list of events to attend
    • Schedule networking events
  • Manage calendar for coffee dates
  • Research speaking opportunities

    • Identify opportunities that are best fit
    • Create pitch
    • Send pitch
    • Follow up pitch


  • Service

    • Send welcome/onboarding information
    • Send project updates
    • Respond to questions
    • Send reminders for client tasks
    • Send customer satisfaction survey
  • Delivery

    • Send thank you note/gift
    • Send customer satisfaction survey
    • Send request for testimonial or review
  • Follow Up
  • Loyalty program

    • Keep alumni or past clients engaged
  • Referral program

    • Manage referrals

Company Culture

  • Refine job description**
  • Post position and collect applications
  • Review and screen applications


  • Assist with SEO
  • Review and update broken links on the website**
  • Update photo galleries on the website
  • Update plugins**


  • Send contracts
  • Review contracts for all needed signatures and dates


  • Create media kit
  • Create stock images for brand
  • Create blog content to capture work

    • Curate images
    • Create captions
    • Write copy
    • Link to appropriate vendors
  • Research influencers

    • Identify opportunities that are the best fit
    • Create pitch
    • Send pitch
    • Follow up pitch
  • Research opportunities for promotion

    • Blogs

      • Gather details
      • Submit pitches
      • Follow Up
      • Schedule
    • Podcasts

      • Gather details
      • Submit pitches
      • Follow Up
      • Schedule
  • Manage social media accounts

    • Curate images
    • Design graphics
    • Create content
    • Schedule posts**
    • Respond to comments


  • Manage timeline of projects
  • Manage and complete returns
  • Follow up with vendors and business partners


  • Leads

    • Filter and respond to inquiries**
    • Schedule appointments
    • Create proposals
    • Follow up emails

**Our Academy members have access to free templates and/or guides for these tasks in the library.


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