What Business Goals Will You Accomplish in 6 Months?

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At the beginning of each week, our Mastermind members are encouraged to check in for Fresh Start. Fresh Start gives everyone including me the opportunity to reset for the upcoming week.

It forces us to acknowledge and write down our priorities and what we want to accomplish in order to move forward. It seems like such a simple habit and thus its impact is often overlooked. It is the habits and choices we make daily that shape where we end up.

For me these past 6 months one of my main priorities as an entrepreneur is to take better care of myself. I know when I am well physically, mentally, and emotionally then I perform better professionally. Each week I commit to working out 4-5x week for 45 minutes. I share my goal with Mastermind members in our weekly Fresh Start.

The benefit is it forces me to step away from my desk, clear my mind, and when I come back I am recharged and able to focus on the next project. I also know that if I put this goal out for others to see then I have to do it (accountability). It has made a huge impact in my personal and professional growth this year!

Below are the accomplishments of past Mastermind members. Seeing members’ accomplishments and business growth not only inspires me, but it also encourages women in their Mastermind group!



The beauty of writing down your goals, making a plan, and creating habits that help you make progress is you are able to start seeing results. 

For me, that meant a daily habit of working out for 45 minutes. I make it easy by placing my gym outfit in the bathroom so I can easily get dressed and leave. I have a playlist I only listen to while at the gym and I reward myself with new songs. Being consistent and showing up every day means I’ve lost on average 4 pounds a month and gained extra confidence.  Having built-in accountability with our Mastermind Fresh Start helps!!


What do you want to accomplish in the next 6 months?

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