What Contributed To Our Business Growth?

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The first meeting for entrepreneurs was in Chicago, January 2015. Around 20 women attended an event where few of them knew each other. Now many of those initial women are close friends, business partners, clients, and served as bridesmaids. This is what happens when you build trust and meaningful relationships over time.

Since that first meeting, I refined the Masterminds continuously to better serve and challenge the women attending. We always sat around a table and shared our challenges and goals whether in Chicago, Kansas City, St Louis, Tulsa, Enfield, Fort Wayne or elsewhere. But as all of us grew, I knew more structure was needed.

It is important to me that you see results and transformation in your business. Adding accountability tools and processes such as the Monthly Business Review allow you to tangibly track your results and growth. It is also important that the women who are sitting at the table with you are just as serious about growing their business as you are. This brought about smaller groups, a more thorough application, and membership.

Each change along the way has been intentional. Changes influenced by member feedback and my vision of helping you excel in your business and be a leader in your industry.

Little Black Desk Society - Member Profile - Stephanie Wagner

I gain so much from my Mastermind and my business growth shows. I have clarity on where I’m going, how to track my metrics and LOVE that Melissa and her team find the “need to know” articles for me on trends on social media and small businesses…it saves me amazing amounts of time. Your business needs this!” – Steph | FoodCoach Me

Little Black Desk Society - Member Profile - Laura Reyes

“Another benefit of the masterminds is that I have been able to soak up the conversations traded back and forth and have received an unexpected education regarding structuring my day, productivity, and the use of surveys, to just name a few. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that just because you are a solo entrepreneur, doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself.”  – Laura | Heart Splash

Little Black Desk Society - Member Profile - Kim Howard

“When running a business, it’s difficult to stay focused and determined when there are several moving parts, and LBD helped ask the question “What is most important and HOW are you going to accomplish that and what feedback do you want from other business owners on your direction/ideas/specific project/etc.?”…Many times I had an idea, for example, that I wanted to implement, but after getting the chance to present it at a detailed level to the group, realized it wasn’t such a good idea for reasons I hadn’t even thought of!” – Kim | Howard Homes Chicago

Little Black Desk Society - Member Profile - Samantha Johnson

I’ve been in a few mastermind groups, and I love two things about LBDS: the women, and the structure. LBDS members are unfailingly wonderful, empathetic, crazy smart, driven, thoughtful human beings and it’s such a relief to have hard, meaningful, complicated conversations when that’s who you’re having them with.” – Sam | Wag + Gem


Late last year, I decided to host all of our 2018 Masterminds virtually.
  • I want to see and get to know you so I can better serve you.
  • I want you to have a consistent experience regardless of where you live.
  • It gives you greater flexibility to attend instead of worrying about traffic, parking, etc.

I enjoy seeing these women and working with them these past 6 months!!

I made additional refinements for the last half of this year.

  • The monthly business reviews have fewer questions and a simpler format. 😅
  • Your accountability tools and resources are visible in the Academy so you can check them off as you complete them. ✔✔


What does your ideal Mastermind look like?  I know you have specific needs for your business and possibly looked into different Masterminds or support groups.

Below is worksheet to help you find your ideal Mastermind. The worksheet provides prompts and questions of what to consider when comparing MastermindsI want you to know your options so you can find the group that best supports you at this time in your business.

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