Why Leadership Matters in Small Business


Why does leadership matter in small business? Leadership matters because of the impact it has on clients, peers, and team. Not only today, but tomorrow and in the future too.

Think about the people you admire and respect in your industry. Who do you respect in your industry or as a leader and why? Reasons may include

  • You respect their work ethic and dedication to their craft.
  • You respect how they take care of their clients
  • You respect how they treat their business partners.
  • You admire how they’ve built a team focused on a sole mission that improves the lives of others.
  • You admire their journey and feel you can relate to them.
  • You admire their authenticity, values, and commitment.

Great leaders inspire and guide you to become a better version of yourself. A poor leader discourages people, uses fear, intimidation, manipulation, and division.

Good people can also have poor leadership skills due to a lack of experience, self-awareness, lack of mentorship, fear of being replaced or seen as invaluable

Your role and how you show up is important because of your impact on others.

Just as teachers are extremely important to the development and growth of children. Bosses are important to the development and growth of employees. We spend a significant amount of time at work and the relationships there have a tremendous impact on our performance and behavior.

Even if you don’t have a team, but are responsible for people whether on a project or a community then that puts you in the position of being a leader.

One of the primary reasons I decided to launch my business was because of a story shared by another business owner who expressed frustration with turnover (losing employees) on her team. I saw that as an opportunity to help guide other women who may be new or struggling with leadership. Being a small business owner in and of itself is not easy, the business is your baby. Adding the responsibility of a team adds a whole new layer of challenges.

Many of us aren’t prepared for leadership similar to how I wasn’t 17 years ago. However, through experience and many lessons, I want to guide you to be a better leader for your clients, peers, and team.

When you grow as a leader your positive impacts grows as well.

  • Your clients are more responsive, see better results, and in turn are more likely to refer you.
  • Your peers appreciate and respect your communication, professionalism, and work ethic. This encourages new opportunities for collaborations, referrals, speaking, etc.
  • Your team feels valued and appreciated thus they grow in their roles and are able to take on more responsibility and contribute innovative ideas.

This is why leadership matters.

When your team excels your business excels. This is because your team is able to take better care of your clients and business partners too.

Whether you are at the beginning stage, in the messy middle, or facing a challenge you want to get in front of, leadership development matters.

I want to help you lead conversations that strengthen your relationships and refine processes to reduce the negative impact of challenges in your business.

If you are facing a challenge in your relationships with your clients, peers, or team I encourage you to schedule a discovery call.

I would love to learn more about your unique challenge and what your ideal goal is. From there we can decide what steps are necessary to create a solution so you can lead with excellence.

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