As a workshop speaker, I love talking with an intimate group of business owners in person or online to share my experiences, engage in conversation, and provide actionable information. 

I find information and ideas resonate best when talking with instead of at someone. This is why I prefer workshop settings. It allows us to sit at the same table and learn together. 

Sitting together for an intimate conversation encourages questions, feedback, and an open exchange of dialogue. This allows attendees to learn better and connect the dots with their own personal situations. 

My goal is to create an experience for your attendees that challenges and elevates them to better serve their clients and/or team.

Current Speaking Topics

  • Creating Habits for Success – How Small Actions Matter  I share my personal habits, how they were developed, and their impact on my business and life. 
  • Intentional Leadership – How To Cultivate A High Performing Team I share best practices for leading teams to improve performance and strengthen teamwork. 
  • Strengthen Your Operations – How Creating Policies and Processes Improve Your Client Success and Company Performance I discuss the differences between policies and processes within your organization, their importance, and how to get started creating your own.


Melissa of Little Black Desk Society taught our Work, Life, Balance Session, and Ohhhhhh em gee, did she teach!! She taught about organizing your personal life, your business, minimizing to make your life less complicated, choosing your friendships, relationships, Melissa partnerships and so much more! We ran 30 minutes over in her portion, but it was well worth it! Question, after question. Boy this was a good segment. Thank you, Melissa, or sharing with us in a fun, organic, and unapologetic way! 

EBONY – Fill My Cup Retreat

Melissa, thank you for being such an inspirational, kind and motivating woman! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, advice and life experiences with attendees. So glad we could connect and have brunch on Sunday. I hope we can work together in the future on more creative projects. 

DANIELLE – Collegiately Creative | Iowa State University


Speaking Engagements

  • Trouvaille Workshop (2017, 2016)
  • Fill My Cup Retreat (2017)
  • Collegiately Creative Conference – Iowa State University (2016)
  • Nashville Wedding Planners Retreat (2016)
  • Go Blog Social (2015)


I would love to learn more about your next event.

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